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Half Gallon Raw Cow Milk

Half Gallon Raw Cow Milk

Grass-fed, Organically Produced, Raw Jersey Cow Milk

Grass-fed, Organically Produced, Raw, Jersey Cow Milk

Milk just doesn't get any better than this! It's the real deal, folks! - Grass-fed (Soy-Free, Corn-free), Organically Produced, Raw, Jersey Milk. Check out our Cow Photo gallery for yourself.

NOTE: The Family Cow raw milk will keep for two weeks if kept sealed and at 36 degrees. After it's opened it will last 5-7 days.

For The Family Cow Raw Milk Safety Protocol (click here)

Other Highlights of Family Cow Raw Milk:

  • Raw
  • Jersey
  • Grass-fed (Soy-Free, Corn-free)
  • Organically Produced
  • Predominately A2A2 now and working towards certified pure A2A2.
  • Tummy Friendly...will not cause gas and bloating...lactose intolerant folks can drink it!
  • So fresh you might still hear the moo!