Grass-fed Beef Steak Guide - FREE

Grass-fed Beef Steak Guide - FREE

created by your farmer ~ Wesley Shank

We know it can be a bit daunting to choose the best steak for the occasion when faced with all 16 steak options...

That's why I created this Grass-fed Beef Steak Guide to help you learn more about the different steak options and give you the confidence to try something other than the classic Ribeye or New York Strip steak.

This guide is complete with pictures of our steaks and details about each one so you know how to prepare it.

Then the last two pages are devoted to specific Steak Grilling and Pan Searing how-to steps to be sure you get the best experience with our specialty Grass-fed Steaks! :)

If you are interested, just add this guide to your cart for delivery with your next order and we'll be glad to send you a free copy!

Have fun pan searing or grilling our Grass-fed Steaks this year!

I'd love to hear from if you find the guide helpful...

Your Farmer,




"I just picked up my beef and steak bundles and wanted to thank you for the fantastic job you do. The steak guide that came with it is great, you did an excellent job putting that together! I'm always impressed with the quality of your food and everything you do. Thank you!" ~ Amanda J.