Goat Cheese - Raw Chili Cheddar

Goat Cheese - Raw Chili Cheddar

1/2 lb. average block

The Chili Cheddar Goat cheese has the same seasonings in it that the Hot Pepper Jack did. The only difference is that it is added to a Goat Milk Cheddar instead of a Goat Milk Jack cheese. So if you liked the Hot Pepper Jack cheese, I believe you'll love the Chili Cheddar.

  • From: The Oberholtzer Family at Breezy Meadows
  • Sold in 1/2 lb. blocks. 
  • No soy
  • No artificial hormones 
  • No anitbiotics.
  • Never heated over 102°F.


Goat milk, Celtic Sea Salt, Vegetable Rennet, Culture, Peppers (Chili, Black, Ceyenne)

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