Elderberry Syrup - 16 oz.

Elderberry Syrup - 16 oz.

Super Immune Booster
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This super immune-boosting syrup is made by Beth Scott, one of our own tribe! Notice that Beth even uses Family Cow Raw Honey to make it!

Beth Scott founded Wellness Living after becoming a Certified Health Coach. Beth spent the last 10 years transforming her family towards holistic living. Over the years, Beth developed her own wellness products as a big part of her family's health transformation.

Here is what Beth says about her Elderberry Syrup:

"It was something I started giving to my kids early on when they got any sign of illness. With its immune boosting properties it is a powerful natural aid against the cold and flu. It is our go-to when there is any sign of cold or flu in our house. My kiddo's line up for it with smiles."

Ingredients: Water, Organic Elder Berries, Organic Ginger, Organic Ceylon Cinnamon, Organic Cloves, The Family Cow Raw Honey