Chicken Broth Making Bundle

Chicken Broth Making Bundle

Makes 35-50 cups of Organically Pastured, Soy-Free Chicken broth

Chicken Broth Making Bundle gets you the meat you need to start making incredible nutrient-dense broth. PLUS the bundle helps you save money while boosting your gut health.

Quality broth or stock starts with quality chicken. We move our birds to fresh organic pastures each day and keep them Soy-FREE, GMO-FREE, and Chemical-FREE so you can eat with confidence.

See all of our Pastured Chicken quality standards here.

What's in this Bundle?

  • 5 PK (12.5 lb.)Chicken Necks & Backs
  • 2 PK (12 feet total)Chicken Feet for added Gelatin*
  • 1 (2-3 lb.)Stewing Hen

Total weights is 16-17 lb. average

* Chicken Feet are rich in collagen which has many health benefits. Collagen boosts joint and bone health, skin health, and blood sugar regulation. Cook collagen long enough at the right temperature and it'll break down into gelatin. That’s why bone broth made with chicken feet is so rich in gelatin!

Have fun with the variety of bundle items to experiment and discover your favorite type of chicken broth.

Here is Mom's Chicken Stock Recipe and here's a Soup Stock Recipe - By Barry Schneider... Of course feel free to use your favorite recipe to create the delicious bone broth you crave!


ALL Truly Pastured & Chemical-Free & Soy Free & GMO-Free!