6 GREEK Plain Yogurt

6 GREEK Plain Yogurt

6 Quarts - No Sweetener

Greek Yogurt in all its thick, creamy glory! :)

This yogurt is a bit tart... so you might want to add a dash of maple syrup, some fruit, or a handful of granola to make your new favorite yogurt. 

  • Made with Grass-Fed Jersey Cow milk from The Family Cow farm
  • Pasteurized as required by PA law
  • in 1 quart containers
  • no sweeteners added

Wishing to enjoy a Deluxe Yogurt Parfait to get your day started? Follow the link to see Wesley & Kaylita's recipe using our Family Cow yogurts and Soaked Granola.

Note for UPS Home Delivery Orders: If you have meat on your order, this yogurt will ship frozen because we need to use dry ice in all meat orders. The flavor and texture will not be affected by freezing. If you do not want your yogurt frozen you should purchase it on an order with only refrigerated items.

Instructions for opening the container:


Organic Grass-fed Whole Milk from Family Cow Farm. No sweeteners added.