5 PK Chicken Drumsticks

5 PK Chicken Drumsticks

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Dark chicken meat, like Drumsticks and Thighs, has 3-4 times as much Omega-3s per serving as the chicken breast meat.

One 4 oz. serving of this truly pastured chicken meat supplies you with at least 400mg of Omega-3s – 25% of your daily recommended intake. That is a lot of Omega-3s!

And of course, our chickens are Chemical Free, 100% Soy-Free, GMO-Free, Antibiotic-Free and Hormone-Free just like all of "Family Cow" farm animals!

Here's our meal of Chicken Drumsticks grilled over the campfire this summer! :)

Truly pastured soy-free chicken moved twice a day to fresh grass on our own certified organic pastures! This moving is extremely important. It allows our birds to forage a diet of bugs, grubs, flies and a complete salad bar of plants and grasses.

This high foraging content of their diet makes their meat extra high in CLA and Omega-3. You may even notice the difference in the more yellow look of the fat and skin.