– Delicious and Nutritious –

The perfect broth for those who enjoy life with a little extra spice!

This is a truly EPIC bone broth!

Think, Grass-fed Beef Bones simmering for many long hours. Nutrition from deep within the bones and marrow are absorbed into the broth. It grows in richness and flavor with every passing hour...

Add the perfect blend of all organic spices: Garlic Cloves, Smoked Paprika, Chipotle Pepper, Chili Powder, AND Shitake Mushrooms! Mix them together in the simmering broth, throw in some Celtic Sea Salt, and you've got the nutrient-dense mouth watering flavor that equals EPIC CHIPOTLE Beef Bone Broth.

This stuff is seriously delicious.

And I mean delicious as in set-down-your-empty-mug-and-wish-you-could-relive-the-experience-again!

Ok, maybe I got a little carried away there, but you do have to taste this broth to understand. :)

And while I've been talking about the mouth watering flavor of this new broth... I can't forget its amazing health and nutritional benefits.




Most importantly: We use only organic ingredients in our bone broth.

Our family is committed to offering you high quality foods that you can trust, so of course our focus is on integrity of every ingredient.

This EPIC CHIPOTLE Bone Broth all starts with our Organically Pastured Grass-fed Beef Bones: the same Family Cow Beef that we've been raising for 10+ years. We respect all our animals, but especially the beef cattle since they play an important part of building soil in our regenerative farming plan.

Our organic practices are extremely important with something like bone broth.


Our beef is always:

✔ Grass-fed & Grass Finished

✔ No Artificial Hormones

✔ No Soy & No Corn

✔ No Antibiotics

✔ No Chemicals

✔ No GMOs



EPIC CHIPOTLE Broth Ingredients

Grass-fed Beef Bones

These bones provide the nutritional base of this broth. Organically pastured beef - No Antibiotics, No Chemicals, No GMOs ever.


High in Vitamins & Minerals while also loaded with Antioxidants.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Improves digestion and helps naturally kill harmful bacteria.

Garlic Cloves

Highly nutritious and combats sickness... Makes this broth perfect for drinking during the winter flu season!

Celtic Sea Salt

Boosts flavor while also providing your body with the minerals you need.

Smoked Paprika

Helps improve your eye health, has antioxidant properties, and may lower cholesterol levels.

Chipotle Pepper

High levels of vitamins and full of minerals: iron, potassium, and magnesium.

Ground Coriander

Antioxidant rich and promotes brain, heart, and digestive health.

Chili Powder

Fights inflammation and pain, relieves nasal congestion, healthy for the heart.

Ground Cumin

Rich source of iron and promotes digestion.

Shiitake Mushrooms

Boosts the immune system. Provides impressive antioxidant levels. Promotes heart health. Supports brain health, cognition, and the nervous system!


High in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties.




Pro Serving Tip: Worried that EPIC CHIPOTLE will be too spicy for you? Buy a jar of our regular Beef Bone Broth or Chicken Bone Broth and mix with EPIC CHIPOTLE to create your own custom broth blend!

Try using this new broth for marinating chicken... or cook your rice in EPIC CHIPOTLE broth instead of water. There are tons of delicious options and I'm getting hungry just thinking about them! 

Delicious and Nutritious Bone Broth

Chicken Bone Broth

16 fl. oz. jar - Frozen - Add salt to taste

Savory Chief Bone Broth

16 fl. oz. jar - Beef & Chicken - Frozen - Add salt to taste

Beef Bone Broth

16 fl. oz. jar - Frozen - Add salt to taste