We're Coming to Maryland!

November 11, 2019
Family Cow Drop Point in Action

Hey, this is exciting!

I've got some great news.

We are starting a delivery route to Maryland beginning on Wednesday, 11/20, which happens to be my dad's (Edwin's) birthday. :)

Here are the five Maryland pickup locations. Click for details: 

Frederick - 9:30 AM
Rockville - 10:45 AM
Bowie - 12:00 PM
Laurel - 1:15 PM
Germantown - 2:30 PM

Even if you don't live near one of these towns, please forward this email to someone who does, or share on social media (share links below).

If these pickup appointment times don't work for you, we suggest grouping together with your friends to share food pickup. You can be in and out of the pickup location in just a few minutes. Each person has their own individually packed cooler. It's pretty slick...

And don't forget that our UPS Home Delivery is always an option too. :)

The bad thing is... we can't take our flagship raw milk to Maryland, thanks to our over-protective big brother. Enough said.

The good thing is... we do have a huge selection of other truly pastured, soy-free real foods.

The order cut-off time for this route is 7:00 AM Tuesday, 11/19.

Delivery Frequency is yet to be determined.

For now, we're planning to come every four weeks. If the demand is high enough, we might come more often. This is a start.



Many people who care about what they eat are being deceived by industrial organics in the supermarkets... That's why we grow and deliver real organic, truly pastured, soy-free food. It's only right that you can trust what you eat!

Your farmer,

~5th generation on the farm

God Designed it. We Respect it. That Explains it.

Rodrick Shank

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