VIDEO: How to cut up whole chicken, PLUS Bonus footage of our truly pastured birds!

written by

Wesley Shank

posted on

August 30, 2021

Here's the secret to save money while eating high quality chicken parts.

Truly Pastured, Chemical-Free, Soy-Free and GMO-Free chicken parts always cost more than a whole bird... unless you do it yourself.

Watch and learn now:

I cut up hundreds of these birds every summer. Now it's your turn to join me with a chicken at the cutting board.

It's simple... I'll show you.

You'll learn how to find each joint with the knife so you can part out your specialty bird with minimal effort.

All the best,

Wesley Shank

~5th generation on the farm

Real farmers. Real Caring. Real Food.

P.S. This video will save you hundreds of dollars over the years if you start cutting up whole chicken instead of buying parts.

We move our mobile chicken shelters twice each day so our chickens get plenty of fresh grass and bugs! Stay tuned for a new video with more details on how it all works.


Save Money on Whole Chicken

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