Regular Ground Beef

Regular Ground Beef

1 lb. pack - 80/20

1 lb. pack of 100% Grass-fed & Grass-finished Beef ground with an average fat ratio of 80/20. I highly recommended this Regular burger over our Medium 90/10 since the extra fat in this burger is what really captures the diverse flavor profile of 100% Grass-fed Beef.

This burger transforms any recipe you are used to making with the usual grocery store burger. It's so good I'll often snitch a few bites right out of the frying pan! :)

And of course burger patties are also improved by the flavor that comes from 100% Grass-fed Beef. The 20% fat in this burger makes it awesome for grilling patties without getting them too dry...

I'd recommend forming your own patties at 6 or 8 oz. each for grilling Amazing Grass-fed Beef Burgers! It's by far our most popular burger for a reason.

We carefully manage each step of the process from our farm to your table so you can eat high quality, clean beef with confidence.

Our Grass-fed Beef Quality Guarantee:

✓ Respectfully Harvested at our small USDA butcher shop
✓ Always Humanely Raised on Organic Pastures
✓ 100% Grass-fed & Grass-finished
✓ Artificial Hormone-Free
✓ 10 Day Dry Aged
✓ Citric Acid-Free
✓ Antibiotic-Free
✓ Chemical-Free
✓ mRNA-Free
✓ GMO-Free