Raw Goat Milk

Raw Goat Milk

Half Gallon | Pastured | Soy-free | GMO-Free

Raw Goat Milk from the Walker Family at Caprine Delight Goat Dariy. Here is the goat milk quality standards in their own words:

"Our pastures are not sprayed with anything, herbicide, pesticide, fungicides.

Our hay is purchased from a local farmer who we know and trust who does not spray his hay with herbicide, pesticide, fungicides.

Our grains are Non-Gmo [but not 100% organically grown] Wheat, Barley, Corn, Sunflower seeds, organic Kelp. Everything topped off with a little Organic Alfalfa Pellets.

Our milk has been tested Glyphosate Free by Eurofins lab.

We use Herbal Wormers, safe for Organic production.

We use Udder lotion safe for Organic production.

Organic Garlic and Organic Cabbage are used to boost goat immune health.

We raise the goats outdoors in the fresh air with woods, fields, and free access to open shelters."

Note from the Walkers about the seasonal shortage:

Almost every year we run short on Goat Milk in January, February, and March. The main reason for the winter shortage is that goats, unlike cows, are seasonal breeders. This means that they only have babies in spring and summer and therefore most goats are on their 2 months maternity leave in January and February. The winter weather also signals to a goat that this is the time to make less milk whether they are pregnant or not. Our goats live in the great outdoors, with available shelters, so they know very well what the season is. But don’t worry about the goats being exposed to the elements. These are “Alpine” goats, hardy to cold winters and changing seasons. They do not want to be pampered year round in a dull and boring barn facility. They enjoy the changing seasons as much as we do. This is Caprine Delight! The goats are delighted to live here.

Another reason there seems to be a winter shortage of goat milk is that many goat owners prefer not to milk in the winter. Their goats are on vacation, so more customers are buying milk from Caprine Delight because we provide milk year-round. Also, Goat Milk demand grows in the winter because people seem to like to drink more milk in the winter. Milk and cookies and hot cocoa and hearty meals are just so delicious in the cold weather.

Goat milk freezes well in the plastic milk jugs. It maintains nutritive value for 6 months or more while frozen. A half gallon will thaw in 2 hours in a large bowl of water at room temperature or in 12 hours in your refrigerator. Shake occasionally during thawing. If the milk is frozen and thawed partially and then refrozen the milk will separate and become clumpy. If this happens you can use a blender or stick blender to improve the consistency. If you have a frost free freezer place the milk away from the frost free heating element in the freezer. If the milk is placed near the heating element it might defrost partially and then refreeze causing the separation and clumping of the milk. When frozen only once, milk can thaw beautifully and is very similar to fresh.

So stock up on Caprine Delight goat milk when you can! Keep a few half gallons in your freezer in case of bad weather or emergency, or low availability.

Thanks for enjoying fresh natural delicious Caprine Delight Raw Goat milk!

Candy and Randy Walker,

Caprine Delight Goat Dairy

Gettysburg, PA