Insulated Shopping Bag

Insulated Shopping Bag

1 bag 9x12x14 inches

Brand new Family Cow lightly insulated shopping bags are now available! Each bag is 9 inches by 12 inches wide and almost 14 inches high with a zippered top flap.

They are built well enough you should be able to use one in place of a cooler for a short drive home from the pickup location. For a long trip where you'll end up with melted water in the bottom I still recommend an ice chest since these bags aren't fully water proof. :)

Use the insulated bags however you like. We are simply offering them to encourage people to use less plastic bags when possible.

Here is a picture of our message printed on the back of each bag....

Customer Reviews:

"Just wanted to say how much I LOVE the insulated Family Cow shopping bag! I wasn’t expecting such a nice bag. The plastic piece to support the bottom is a great idea. And we love having some Family Cow merch to show our support!" ~ Maggie F.