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Pork Hot Italian Sausage - Links

Pork Hot Italian Sausage - Links

avg. 1 lb. - No sugar!

Spice up life with Hot Italian Pork Sausage! Perfect for a main course on the grill... but they also go well in a casserole to add some extra heat kick.

The same sausage recipe as our popular Breakfast Sausage links... Top notch Pastured Pork seasoned with a little salt and pepper.

Absolutely delicious and perfect for serving with your favorite egg breakfast dish!


We carefully manage every step of the process to bring you clean Pastured Pork you can eat with confidence.

✓ Respectfully Harvested at our small USDA butcher shop
✓ Always Humanely Raised on Organic Land
✓ No Nitrate or Nitrite Preservatives
✓ No Celery Juice Powder Cures
✓ All Spices Certified Organic
✓ Artificial Hormone-Free
✓ Citric Acid - Free
✓ Antibiotic-Free
✓ Chemical-Free
✓ mRNA-Free
✓ Sugar-Free
✓ GMO-Free
✓ MSG-Free


Pastured Pork, Celtic Sea Salt, Fennel Seed, Paprika, Red Pepper Flakes, Ground Mustard Seed: ALL CERTIFIED ORGANIC SPICES