Grass-fed Beef Tallow

Grass-fed Beef Tallow

16 oz jar

It's here, folks!

After years of requests we are pleased to finally offer our Truly Grass-fed Beef Tallow!

Because our beef are purely grass-fed, this healthy, old-fashioned cooking oil is high in CLAs. It isn't bleached, deodorized, hydrogenated or altered in any way. It's simply rendered (cooked down) beef fat from our pastured cattle.

With a smoke point near 400°F it works great to pan fry veggies, sear your favorite steak, or make original homemade French fries!

Be creative and have fun making your own candles or soap... maybe even use it as a salve / balm for skin health. :)

Customer Reviews:

"The tallow has been fantastic! Thank you."

"I love your beef tallow! I cook in it every day and I’ve made some of it into lotion. I’ve made my own beef tallow in the past out of suet, but it was so much easier to buy it already made. Thank you!"

"We used it to fry steaks and it was delicious."

"Loved the tallow! Made some tallow balm with it and it is so smooth and creamy!"

"Used it to fry some items... it adds an additional layer of flavor."

"I’ve made pie crusts with this tallow and cook with it and it’s great!"

"The beef tallow has been fantastic to cook with! From caramelized onions to searing steak and roasting chicken, it's all been wonderful. A little goes a long way so we've been getting a really good ROI with this type of cooking fat. It was our first time buying it and I'm so glad I added it to our cart for our family. Thanks Family Cow team!" - Ceci R.


Grass-fed Beef Suet