Flat Iron Steak

Flat Iron Steak

avg. 7-9 oz.

Pan seared Flat Iron steak with a caramelized crust is a flavor-packed steak dinner that is hard to beat.

All this steak needs to really shine is a little salt, pepper and butter melted on top. Follow these 3 Simple Steps for Grilling Grass-fed Steaks and you won't be disappointed with this steak. If it's not grilling season, pull out the cast iron skillet and give it a good pan sear with these pointers.

Note: This steak is in very limited supply since there are only a few Flat Iron Steaks on each beef.

We carefully manage every step of the process to bring you high quality, clean Grass-fed Beef you can eat with confidence.

Our 100% Grass-fed Beef Quality Guarantee:

✓ Respectfully Harvested at our small USDA butcher shop

✓ Always Humanely Raised on Organic Pastures

✓ 100% Grass-fed & Grass-finished

✓ Artificial Hormone-Free

✓ 10 Day Dry Aged

✓ Citric Acid-Free

✓ Antibiotic-Free

✓ Chemical-Free

✓ mRNA-Free

✓ GMO-Free