Small Shredded Cheddar

Small Shredded Cheddar

1/2 lb. average bag
  • Made from The Family Cow's Grass-Fed, Raw, Jersey Cow Milk
  • Average weight: 1/2 pound
  • Packaged in a resealable bag to reduce waste

The Family Cow team is offering to make life a bit easier. How about some help in the kitchen? Like... could we shred cheddar for your salad or pizza?

I'm serious. For your convenience we have 100% Raw Shredded Cheddar ready to go!

Grocery store shredded cheeses will sometimes include wood pulp (Cellulose) as an anticlumping agent or Natamycin as a preservative. We never use either! If our shredded cheese clumps a little it's easy to break apart and if you want to store it longer than a month just pop it in the freezer.

This is Truly Raw Cheese. To respect and preserve the healing power of raw milk's enzymes, probiotics, fats and proteins, we only warm the milk to 102 degrees F. (cow body temperature) during cheese making. Many "raw" cheeses are heated to just below legal pasteurization temperature of 161 degrees F. Heating cheese that much kills off many of the good bacteria that helps your body digest dairy.

Another benefit of our grass-fed raw milk cheese is the high amounts of naturally occurring Omega-3s and CLAs. Grass-fed Cow milk/cheese has about 3 times more of these healthy fats compared to the regular conventional milk/cheese you find the grocery stores.

Omega-3s promote good heart health and overall enhanced brain function.

CLAs are one of the best nutritional methods of defending against cancer and atherosclerosis.


Raw Milk from Organically Grass-Fed Jersey Cows, Sea Salt, Cheese Cultures, Animal Rennet