Ground Chicken Bones, Feet & Gizzards

Ground Chicken Bones, Feet & Gizzards

PET FOOD: With Bones - 1 lb. vacuum sealed bags

100% Raw Mix of Ground Chicken Bones, Feet, Necks, Backs and Gizzards from our organically pastured soy-free chickens. You asked for this so here it is. We really can't call this raw dog food/raw cat food because the "nanny state" regulators would slap us for not having a pet food license. So we simply tell you what it's made of. You'll have to figure out for yourself how to use it. Think you are big enough for that? :)

I do hope it's not illegal to tell you that our family dogs, Dingo and Simba and poultry guard dogs (Tasha and Bella) love this raw ground chicken mix and so do our cats, Calico and Fireworks and their families.

As near as I can estimate, this ground meat, bone, feet and gizzard mix is 50% muscle meat, 20% organ meat, 30% bone and bone marrow. When we grind the mix on chicken butchering day, we aim for a ratio of one chicken back and neck for every two feet and one gizzard. 

Keep the meat frozen or refrigerated. When refrigerated, use within one week. Let us know your thoughts.

Want to learn more about feeding your pets raw? I think Craig Fear, an expert traditional foods nutritionist, says it best.


Ground chicken bones, Feet, Gizzards