No Cash at Pickup Locations


Good day, good folks!

Hey! We've got a new idea. And we'd really like to hear your thoughts.

Actually, the idea isn't new...we've been rolling it around for over a year. Putting it into practice is the new part. Here's what's up.

We plan to go cashless at Family Cow pickup locations. But before you object too loudly, let me explain the multiple reasons that keep nudging in this direction. I think you'll understand and agree that this move may be best.

#1: Safety - Safety for us and the moms and children that pick up the food. It is no secret that cash makes a crime target. We have been very protected so far, and for that we thank God. But the danger is there. We feel it sometimes. And some of our tribe, especially those with law enforcement background, have warned us strongly that cash at pickup locations is an unnecessary risk. So we think it's maybe time to sit up and pay attention to the promptings before we have regrets.

#2: Point-of-Sale Technicality - Our pickup location system is set up so that, if necessary, we could legally defend that the point-of-sale is at our farm. That's part of why the invoices are emailed ahead of time and each order is packed separately with each invoice is inside each cooler. Accepting cash payment at the pickup location with a money box and making change, etc. weakens the defendability of on-farm-point-of-sale. Again, this has not made a problem yet, but we do feel the need to be ready and prepared. Trust me. There are ominous government rumblings that could potentially cause trouble at our pickup locations unless we are proactive on this.

#3: Free up the Farmer Doing Delivery - We'll have more time to chat, answer questions and in general spend more time with you. This will be the most noticeable effect. And I'm sure it will be the most enjoyable change for all of us.

Just to clarify:

  • You will still have two payment options when ordering.
  • The 1st option is to pay by credit card. This is the same as before. No change at all.
  • The 2nd option is to pay at the drop point by check or money order.
  • When paying by check, it's very helpful to write the check out ahead of time. And please write neatly with blue or black ink.

Just so you know, we have explored numerous other payment options, but none of them are compatible with our checkout system at this point. That could change someday.

I'm full well aware that this "going cashless" move has the potential to strike some of you sideways. It hits me a little sideways too. :) That's why we have thought about this so long and hard and resisted it up to this point. Somehow cash seems so basic and direct and right and farmerish.

But reasons 1 and 2 above do keep coming to the surface from various angles. After a lot of thought and discussion as a team and family we decided the time was right to make this move. 

So, here it is! We are starting to phase this plan into action starting now. Let us know your thoughts...but please don't be too hard on us. We don't exactly like it either. :)

[Update: Here are answers to some FAQs.]
  • Yes, Debit cards are fine - just select the credit card option during checkout.
  • Yes, Money Orders are fine too.
  • If you plan to pay by check, but happen to forget your checkbook, no worries. Simply call our farm office and pay by card over the phone.

Thank you in advance for being understanding.

Your farmers,

Edwin & Dawn Shank and Family

Real Farmers. Real Caring. Real Food.